About Us

Rise Bagel Co. is filling a hole. We specialize in old-world artisan bagels with a modern twist using organic ingredients. Our made-from-scratch dough is rolled, boiled, topped on both sides and baked—resulting in crisp, chewy and flavorful bagels. From our oven to your taste buds, we stand behind an honest, wholesome philosophy to create an elevated bagel experience.

Jen & Kate Lloyd, sisters and self-proclaimed “bread heads,” have had a love affair with bagels from an early age. Inspired by their struggle to find a bagel they admired locally,  they went on a mission. Traveling from the bagel meccas of New York City and Montreal to San Francisco, they taste tested and learned from the very best—all in an effort to develop a unique recipe that pays homage to old-world-style bagels.


Our organic bagels are proper and far from imposters—not those “rolls with holes” that weigh you down all day. Made the old-fashioned way with time and care, they are crispy with a contrasting interior, chewy with a yank and generously coated (on both sides) with the finest organic ingredients. It’s a true labour of love.


What's in a name? 
We love the power of the word rise and all its natural associations. Wheat must rise from the Earth; Dough must rise with yeast; Bagels must rise when boiled; The sun must rise; People must rise from their slumber; Together, we must rise to the occasion.

Are your bagels 0rganic? 
Yes! As are many of our other products and ingredients. 

Where do you source your ingredients? 
We source our ingredients from a variety of purveyors, some of which are local. This includes: Cry Baby Craig’s (Minneapolis); Dogwood Coffee (Minneapolis); Ferndale Farms (Cannon Falls); Fischer Family Farms (Waseca); Forage Kombucha (Wisconsin); Hidden Stream Farm (Elgin); Larry Schultz Organic Farm (Owatonna); Organic Valley (Wisconsin); Peterson Craftsman Meats (Wisconsin); Rainbow Chinese (Minneapolis); Rochdale Farms (Wisconsin); Rishi Tea (Milwaukee), Wisco Pop (Wisconsin).

Do you offer vegan/vegetarian/dairy-free options? 
Our bagels are naturally vegan. We also offer vegan cream cheese, butter, peanut butter and breakfast sausage. 

What's the best way to keep your bagels fresh? 
Bagels not eaten on the day they are purchased should be frozen immediately in a freezer-safe bag. We recommend pre-slicing beforehand. Frozen bagel halves can go straight into the toaster. Alternatively, you can reheat whole frozen bagels by placing them in a cold oven and preheating to 350F. Once the oven reaches 350F, your bagels should be ready to eat or to be sliced and toasted.

What's the story behind your old cash register? 
The bronze 1913 National Cash Register has been in our family since the 1930s. It was first a fixture at Schutte Grocery Store on the Iron Range in Keewatin, Minnesota, which was run by our grandfather, Ernest Schutte. It was later used in his Keewatin pub, the Vene Qua, and our grandmother's children's clothing store, Josie's Kiddie Shop.