About Us

Rise Bagel Co. is filling a hole. We specialize in old-world artisan bagels with a modern twist using organic ingredients. Our made-from-scratch dough is rolled, boiled, topped on both sides and baked—resulting in crisp, chewy and flavorful bagels. From our oven to your taste buds, we stand behind an honest, wholesome philosophy to create an elevated bagel experience.

Jen & Kate Lloyd, sisters and self-proclaimed “bread heads,” have had a love affair with bagels from an early age. Inspired by their struggle to find a bagel they admired locally,  they went on a mission. Traveling from the bagel meccas of New York City and Montreal to San Francisco, they taste tested and learned from the very best—all in an effort to develop a unique recipe that pays homage to old-world-style bagels.

A Modern take on an old-world craft

Our organic bagels are proper and far from imposters—not those “rolls with holes” that weigh you down all day. Made the old-fashioned way with time and care, they are crispy with a contrasting interior, chewy with a yank and generously coated (on both sides) with the finest organic ingredients. It’s a true labour of love.